You need to be out in front of your railcar storage requirements. If you don’t have any cars in storage, you are fortunate. Most shippers are storing some portion of their fleet at any given moment; like cars preparing for return on lease, cars in the down portion of their seasonal cycle, cars no longer in demand like crude oil cars today and ethanol and biodiesel cars a few years back. Also, new cars, coming into service and not ready to be put to work. PFL assists manufacturers, shippers, lessors and storage owners by anticipating their individual railcar storage objectives, timing and market conditions. PFL has been working with many shippers, analyzing their current storage commitments and future needs in multiple regions.

When are your railcar leases expiring and where do the cars need to be returned? When are the new car sets going to be delivered? Delivered from which plant location? Where are they going into service? What is the seasonality of your commodity? Where do your cars geographically begin and end their season? All of these answers predict railcar storage for your fleet. This may sound basic but it’s not. PFL is working to understand storage proximity to the right switch, right freight and avoid the problem of cars being stranded away from efficient return locations, or the next shipment.

Here’s an example; LPG storage is a seasonal market as a function of the weather and the population that needs to consume the product. Storing loaded LPG cars is not permitted in many storage locations. When a shipper needs or wants space it is generally a free-for-all, fire drill, got-to-have-it-now approach. Having many different irons in the fire can drive up rates, create false hope for both owners and shippers, and waste a lot of people’s time. Imagine if this hypothetical shipper had anticipated well with owners to select the right locations with pre-negotiate rates, availability, in a standing contract. This would allow them to simply dispatch railcars at will. PFL is bringing order to the storage market and enabling shippers to be shippers.

Please take note of the available rail car storage. Call PFL today for live up to minute pricing and availability.

PFL expanded our EASY-TRADE platform to be the one stop shop for finding and securing rail car storage.

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PFL would like to remind all fleet managers that storing cars with petroleum residue over the long term will slowly destroy the cars. Corrosive commodities left inside a car will destroy the interior of the car. For those who currently have cars in storage, it is important to note that leasing companies will not accept cars that have corrosion damage. Very Expensive blasting is required to make a car suitable for return or new service and effectively doubles the cost of cleaning a fleet compared to getting the job done before they are stored months at a time. If you are looking to store cars with remaining residue, or have dirty cars already in storage we can arrange for these cars to be cleaned in a cost effective manner.


Phone: 239-390-2885

Canada: (US Dollar Prices) $4.00-$20.00


Lethbridge---50 spots CP Served Haz loaded LPG


Selkerk---100 spots CP Served Haz loaded LPG

Netley---40 spots CP Served Haz loaded LPG

Beausejour---60 spots CP Served Haz loaded LPG

Nova Scotia

Stellarton---100 spots-CN served>


Sarnia---500 spots CN / CSX HazMat loaded LPG

North Bay---350 spots-CP/ONTC served

Sault Ste. Marie---70 spots-CN/CP served

Hamilton---100 spots-CN/CP served


Charny --- 50 spots CN served

Richmond---147 spots-CN Served

Boisbriand---205 spots-CP served

Western: $3.00-$10.00/day +$150-$350 switch

CA---150 spots---BNSF/UP served

AZ---300 BNSF Haz loaded LPG

CO---800 spots---BNSF/UP served (HazMat available here)

ID---120 spots---BNSF served (HazMat available here)

MT---75 spots---BNSF/UP served

NM---200 spots---BNSF served (HazMat available here)

OR---400 spots---UP served (HazMat available here)

WA---200 spots---BNSF served (HazMat available here)

WY---500 spots---BNSF/UP served

Northeastern: $2.00-$8.00/day +$100-$275 switch

MA---100 spots---CSX served (HazMat residue available here)

ME---250 spots---CN-CP-NS served (HazMat available here)

NH---40 spots---CSX served

NJ---50 spots---CSX/NS served (HazMat available here)

NY---300 spots---CSX/NS/CP (HazMat available here)

PA---500 spots---NS served (HazMat loaded LPG available here)

WV---30 spots---CSX served (HazMat available here)

Midwest: $3.25-$20.00/day +$124-$500 switch

MN---800 spots ---BNSF / CN served HazMat Loaded LPG

IA---300 spots---BNSF/UP served

KS---100 spots---BNSF served

IL---350 spots---UP/CP/CN/CSX served (HazMat residue available here)

IN---350 spots---BNSF/UP/CSX/CN/CP/NS served (HazMat available here)

MN---900---BNSF/CP served (HazMat available here)

MT---140 spots---UP/BN Served

NE---900 spots---BNSF/UP served (HazMat Available here)

OH---490 spots---CSX/NS served (HazMat available here)

South: $2.00-$30.00/day +$125-$500 switch

MS---350 spots---BNSF/CN served (HazMat available here)

MO---275 spots---BNSF/KCS served

NC---100 spots---CSX/NS served (HazMat available here)

TN---1500 spots---CN served (HazMat available here)

TX--1410 spots---UP/BN served (HazMat available here)

VA---200 spots----NS served (HazMat available here)

LA---600spots---KCS served (Hazmat residue available here)


Phone: 239-390-2885


PFL is pleased to announce a new version of its trading platform easyTrade. This new version features a brand new Railcar Workspace. Access to the whiteboard is FREE of charge. In the Workspace, you can view the cars available for lease/purchase and cars wanted to lease/purchase. Buyers and Sellers will meet at easyTrade, disseminating your market pricing to hundreds of companies instantaneously.
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