April 25th - 2017

Shipments of coal, sand and grain were up again on class 1’s. Demand for coal cars, sand hoppers and grain hoppers have been steady this week, with grain and some aggregates having some of the best months ever. Shipments of automobiles and auto parts were laggards as were petroleum and petroleum products. Chemical shipments were also down slightly. Despite the rising number of shipments and increased demand for coal cars, coal is still way down from its peak a few years ago. Additionally Crude by rail is less than half comparing the same periods, but will continue to serve select refineries on the west coast that have not seen increased pipeline capacity. NGL pressure cars are sideways, with little value for the summer and people still anticipating winter demand for cars have resulted in what one might call a lackluster market. This will change - call PFL today for the latest prices for pressure cars we have opportunities to move these cars for the summer now. We have been busy trading LPG pressure cars and loaded cars for storage and expect the rush of activity to slow by the end of Q2. Storage for loaded cars, in key staging areas, has been tightening. Call PFL now for available rail car storage space; we have over 7,000 spaces available. If you are seeking product to load and store we provide total turnkey solutions.

If there is a bright spot for DOT 111 GP’30’s it is diesel into Mexico. Seems everyone wants to do it and we have seen a flurry of activity from market participants looking to move product south of the border with several deals pending at PFL. Call us for your tank car needs today.

We are seeing many fleets preparing for a return on lease expiration. Mobile cleaning is reducing freight and other car movement expenses and is proving to be the right service to enable fleet managers to stay on schedule and budget. PFL together with Tracy Rail Services are very busy cleaning rail cars. We have several crews working in the North West, Mid-West and elsewhere. Tracy Rail Services, based in Texas, is a veteran owned company and has 10 mobile crews to dispatch to your cars for cleaning. If you are considering cleaning cars today call your PFL representative NOW with crews already in place in many parts of the country mobilization costs can be significantly reduced saving you money by acting now.

PFL is also seeing preparation for scrapping cars. Scrap prices have increased from end of 2016 yet are still well below scrap values in recent years. Mobile cleaning is valuable when preparing for scrapping. The car needs to be cleaned in order to be safe for scrapping. PFL works to deliver a scrap offer on railcars with or without residue, assist with placing the car into storage, manage the cleaning, the scrapping thus maximizing the net settlement to the seller.

PFL has expanded our EASY-TRADE platform to be the one stop shop for finding and securing rail cars.

PFL Rail group is actively trading cars and arranging storage, mobile cleaning, mobile maintenance and scrapping.

PFL is helping by assisting fleets and lessors with leases and sales; “Total Fleet Evaluation Services” Start today by downloading EASY-TRADE. Log in and take a look at available cars. We offer free access to the platform. The site is known for its broad market information for available cars and cars desired. Add your cars and test the market.

Contact PFL for all your railcar needs

PFL Railcar Buying/Leasing Opportunities

Pressure Cars
Qty: 150
535 pcpm 12 month / full service

GP30 DOT-111
Qty: 30
Available for 36 to 60 Months full service OFFER: $425
Qty: 20
Last load diesel, $150 net lease 1-2 yrs

GP 30 26000 gal
Qty: 15
$300 pcpm 36 to 60 full service
Qty: 20
Last load diesel, $150 net lease 1-2 yrs
29K CPC-1232 compliant
Qty: 100
Starting ASAP
12 to 36 month OFFER: $275 mo.

3000cu 263 GRL Covered Hopper Cars
Qty: 200
Sand prior, 1980 built, located in PA
pictures available on request
5250cu Covered Hoppers
Qty: 25
20in round hatches, Lined
Available on long term lease, OFFER $385

22,000 gallon Stainless Steel
Qty: 20
Food Grade, Rubber Lined cars available.
OFFER: $650

C/I 29k Brand New
Qty: 100
Call for price and specs
Open Top Gondola Cars
Qty: 200
4400cu, 268k GRL
Would consider 3+ year lease
Prompt start. OFFER: $25,000

Pressure Cars
50 x 340W C3
May- Sept Mex use
Qty: 100
To Lease.

Coal Cars
Qty: 500
100 Ton capacity, steel preferred. To buy or lease.

Call PFL today for live pricing, further details and other markets.


To see the complete live list, please login to the easyTrade platform or contact your PFL representative. To request a login, please go to www.theeasytrader.com.


PFL is pleased to announce a new version of its trading platform easyTrade. This new version features a brand new Railcar Workspace. Access to the whiteboard is FREE of charge. In the Workspace, you can view the cars available for lease/purchase and cars wanted to lease/purchase. Buyers and Sellers will meet at easyTrade, disseminating your market pricing to hundreds of companies instantaneously.

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