July 11th - 2017

Its mid-year and freight rail traffic is up year over year. Railcar orders and deliveries are in decline putting pressure on manufactures share prices from Brokers and analysts alike. Pent up demand is waning to say the least, as the market attempts to correct itself. PFL is active in the secondary market and it has been and interesting couple of weeks in the railcar market. Frac sand cars are in short supply even with crude falling as OPEC is seemingly crumbling with Nigeria and Libya over producing. We believe that the newly found frac sand in West Texas, that is feeding the Permian and for the most part trucked onsite to the well head, will put pressure on hopper demand. Plastic pellet hoppers are also in demand. Increased ethylene production at lower prices is driving increased pellet production and the need for more cars. Covered hopper cars are required not only for delivery to customers but for storage. The nature of the business is to run production while you can at the most favorable price, deliver what is sold and store the surplus in railcars, knowing that customer demand will purchase stored product before the next big run.

Pressure cars are available in abundance for longer term leases. Short term loaded storage is still in high demand as the summer kicks into high gear. If you are long pressure cars particularly in the East, PFL can help you. It is our job to keep your cars moving and we will.

General purpose tankers are trying to find movement as the market is long and looking for a bottom. Several major fleets are preparing for return on lease. Several opportunities are available for those who need to ship refined products and can negotiate a very attractive 2 -3 year agreement.

A lot is happening in Mexico; Northern Mexico will now accept a gasoline blend containing up to 10% ethanol and this is good news for ethanol blenders and people that store ethanol and the overall market in general. Shipping a more standardized US product provides an array of options for bothe buyer and seller alike – the previous blend wall was 5.8%.

PFL is proud to be attending this year’s MARS conference in Geneva, Wisconsin

http://www.mwrailshippers.com/ and will report next week as to our findings. If you are attending this year’s event which kicks in today, and would like to talk to PFL, please contact Nick Borders directly at 239-961-2541 or the desk at 239-390-2885. We would be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

PFL has expanded our EASY-TRADE platform to be the one stop shop for finding and securing rail cars.

PFL Rail group is actively trading cars and arranging storage, mobile cleaning, mobile maintenance and scrapping.

PFL is helping by assisting fleets and lessors with leases and sales; “Total Fleet Evaluation Services” Start today by downloading EASY-TRADE. Log in and take a look at available cars. We offer free access to the platform. The site is known for its broad market information for available cars and cars desired. Add your cars and test the market.

Contact PFL for all your railcar needs

PFL Railcar Buying/Leasing Opportunities

Pressure Cars
Qty: 150
535 pcpm 12 month / full service

GP30 DOT-111
Qty: 30
Available for 36 to 60 Months full service OFFER: $425
GP 30 26000 gal
Qty: 15
$300 pcpm 36 to 60 full service

Qty: 20
Last load diesel, $150 net lease 1-2 yrs
New 117's
Qty: 20
Last in ethanol

GP30 DOT-111
Qty: 15
Methanol cars
Please call for more information.
Clean GP30s
12 Month Term

29K CPC-1232 compliant
Qty: 100
Starting ASAP
12 to 36 month OFFER: $475 mo.

3000cu 263 GRL Covered Hopper Cars
Qty: 200
Sand prior, 1980 built, located in PA
pictures available on request
5250cu Covered Hoppers
Qty: 25
20in round hatches, Lined
Available on long term lease, OFFER $385

5851cu Plastic Pellet Cars
Qty: 200
Pneumatic gates / PET resin cars
4750 Grain Hoppers
1-3 Year Lease
Call for pricing

100 5000+ PD Hoppers
Attractive pricing

22,000 gallon Stainless Steel
Qty: 20
Food Grade, Rubber Lined cars available.
OFFER: $650
61ft Bulkhead Flat Cars
550 pcpm
Flexible term

C/I 29k Brand New
Qty: 100
Call for price and specs
Open Top Gondola Cars
Qty: 200
4400cu, 268k GRL
Would consider 3+ year lease
Prompt start. OFFER: $25,000

Pressure Cars
Qty: 80
July-Mar, USA use
Qty: 100
To Lease.

Coal Cars
Qty: 500
100 Ton capacity, steel preferred. To buy or lease.

Call PFL today for live pricing, further details and other markets.


To see the complete live list, please login to the easyTrade platform or contact your PFL representative. To request a login, please go to www.theeasytrader.com.


PFL is pleased to announce a new version of its trading platform easyTrade. This new version features a brand new Railcar Workspace. Access to the whiteboard is FREE of charge. In the Workspace, you can view the cars available for lease/purchase and cars wanted to lease/purchase. Buyers and Sellers will meet at easyTrade, disseminating your market pricing to hundreds of companies instantaneously.

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