October 17th - 2017
Rail traffic this past week was up 6.3% compared to the same period last year. The rail industry over all is very healthy with only grains and coal down. CP was upgraded this past week by JP Morgan and the listening session on CSX’s Service issues at the Surface Transportation Board’s headquarters in Washington D.C. went better than expected. While CSX service is not up to the same levels as last year service is getting better and on the right track.

Rail markets are extremely active in ALL sectors. Every car type was met with inquires this past couple of weeks both on the BID side and OFFERED side for purchase, for sale. Lessors looking to lease out their cars and Lessees looking for leases or subleases. You name it PFL has received an inquiry and a number of deals are pending and in contract review. The market has changed and many fleet operators that were once long are finding themselves short bits and pieces. We currently have BID interest in DOT 111 GP 13.8 -18K lined cars, a number of 25.5 markets (if you have 25.5’s call PFL now!), CPC 1232 Cars (need to be cleaned 150 of them), Covered hoppers (must be 286 GRL) a number of 31.8 markets for Ethanol (must be clean or last in ethanol). Pressure cars for winter and for one year are still in demand albeit at muted prices. Please see updated markets below and call PFL now for live up to date pricing.

Looking to purchase or lease new cars?
Now is a great time! New cars can be purchased or leased with minimal lead time – you can even start receiving delivery in late Q1. PFL can assist in arranging structured financing at competitive rates.

Positioning for cleaning cars in place for return on lease continues to be extremely brisk. PFL offers turnkey solutions and will provide you a cost competitive quote within 24 hours and guarantees your cars will be clean. Onsite blasting is available if needed.

PFL has expanded its easyTRADE platform to be the one stop shop for finding and securing rail cars.

PFL Rail group is actively trading cars and arranging storage, mobile cleaning, mobile maintenance and scrapping.

PFL is helping by assisting fleets and lessors with leases and sales; We offer “Total Fleet Evaluation Services” call PFL today for further information. We will analyze your current leases, storage if applicable and company objectives and draw up a plan of action. Download easyTRADE now. Log in and take a look at available cars and storage opportunities. We offer free access to the platform. The site is known for its broad market information as it relates to rail cars and railcar storage across North America.


Contact PFL for all your railcar needs

PFL Railcar Buying/Leasing Opportunities

340W and 400W
Qty: 50
Offer: $500
Located in Arkansas, last in butane
Qty: 50
Offer: $500
One or two year lease

Qty: 40
Offer: $575
5 year commitment
Qty: 74
Offer: $750
263,000 lb. GRL, DOT 112

Qty: 30
Offer: $350
5-year, full service
26,000 gallon tank cars
Qty: 2
Offer: $350
Located in Arkansas. 263GRL.

DOT-117 w/magrods
Qty: 15
Offer: $525
1 year full-service, Located in TX.
Qty: 30
Offer: $400
Short and long term options available

GP 31.8
Qty: 80
Offer: $650
3+ month term, Ethanol Prior
CPC 1232
Qty: 300
Methanol cars
Offer: $500
100 clean, 200 in crude, Located in MN.

17,500 Gallon-Lined
Qty: 10
Offer: $400
Caustic soda cars, Denver & Alabama
29,000 Gallon
Qty: 280
Offer: $400
Short or long term lease, Indiana

23,500 Gallon
Qty: 60
Offer: $850
Biodiesel prior, 2 year term
CPC 1232- 31.8 Gallon
Qty: 300
Offer: $350
2 year lease. Last in crude. Located WY

DOT-117 – 28,300 Gallon
Qty: 200
Offer: $525

5750cu Covered Hopper
Qty: 15
Offer: $450
Gravity/pneumatic gates, multiple leasing terms available
5750cu Covered Hopper
Qty: 5
Offer: $450
Straight gravity gate, multiple leasing terms available

5250cu Covered Hopper
Qty: 60
Offer: $500
20’ round hatches, 4 pockets
5150cu PD Hopper
Qty: 35
Offer: $570
263K GRL, multiple leasing terms available

Qty: 25
Offer: $600
06-08 liner replacments
5230cu PD Hopper
Qty: 10
Offer: $665
286k GRL

3000cu Hopper
Qty: 200
Offer: $450
263GRL. Built 1980.
4000cu Steel Open Top Hoppers
Qty: 50
Offer: $345
3 year full service

Woodchip Gondolas
Qty: 50
Offer: Looking for bid
Built in 1977. 286K
3281cu 286K GRL
Qty: 90
Offer: $550
Full service lease, last in sand. 286grl

3250cu Covered Hopper
Qty: 350
Offer: $650
2 or 3 years lease.

52ft 6in Mill Gondola
Qty: 22
Offer: $385
Side lengths of 4ft, 4ft. 6in, 5 ft.
60ft 100 ton boxcars
Qty: 8
Offer: $510
One-five year lease options

Stainless Steel - Food Grade
Qty: 20
Offer: $850
Long term.
Stainless steel Acid cars 21K
Qty: 180
Offer: 1,000

Brand new 28,500 Gallon coiled/insulated
Qty: 100
Call for price and specs
Open Top Gondola Cars
Qty: 200
Offer: $25000
4400cu, 268k GRL
Would consider 3+ year lease

13.8-18k Tankers, lined
Qty: 30
6 Months
Western US, Sulfuric Acid
25.5K C/I Tankers
Qty: 175
1 year
25 for food grade service
150 for crude tallo

26k General Purpose Tankers
Qty: 10
2 years
Savannah, GA
Lube Oil
GP 30s and 31.8s
Qty: 300
1-2 years
Midwest, Multiple Locations

340W Pressure Cars
Qty: 150
1-2 years
Canada & Midwest
Small Cube Covered Hoppers 286 GRL
Qty: 400
3-5 years

Call PFL today for live pricing, further details and other markets.


To see the complete live list, please login to the easyTRADE platform or contact your PFL representative. To request a login, please go to www.theeasytrader.com.


PFL is pleased to announce a new version of its trading platform easyTRADE. This new version features a brand new Railcar Workspace. Access to the whiteboard is FREE of charge. In the Workspace, you can view the cars available for lease/purchase and cars wanted to lease/purchase. Buyers and Sellers will meet at easyTRADE, disseminating your market pricing to hundreds of companies instantaneously.




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