March 14th - 2017

Save the dates for the 2017 SEARS Spring Conference: The Grand Hotel by Marriot, March 28-30, Point Clear Alabama.

The New Year is off to a great start. Overall shipments are up year over year and railcars are trading. Some surprises, starting with coal showing big improvements; up almost 19% leaving Coal Gondolas in short supply. Five of 10 commodities have increasing shipments; grain up 7.5 percent and miscellaneous carloads, up 7.3 percent. Commodity groups that have fallen include petroleum and petroleum products, down 8.3 percent. Chemicals are down 2.7 percent and motor vehicles and parts, down 1.6 percent. Frac Sand hoppers continue to move out of less strategic storage locations near the well head getting ready to frac or the wellhead itself. The Rig report stands at 768 land based US drilling rigs. This is up 60% from prior year.

PFL is in the market for several hundred frac sand hoppers to feed this demand. Also, we have 100 x new 117’s to lease, best for ethanol or Refined Products and is a tremendous opportunity.

Crude tank cars continue to overshadow the market and are readily available. It’s time to be creative. Think of the cost to store and insure vs reduced lease rates to activate. Residue cars accepted “where is as is” trading the cost to clean for free rent. Also, the future value of a car scrapped today, storage and op-ex avoided. Why not consider a lease termination or lease buyout. Calculate the Net Present Value of current obligation, plus market rent, plus cost avoided. Unfortunately this is the market we find ourselves in. Call PFL let us Know your current situation and let us work together with you to figure out an optimal solution for your company.

PFL has expanded our EASY-TRADE platform to be the one stop shop for finding and securing rail cars.

PFL Rail group is actively trading cars and arranging storage, mobile cleaning, mobile maintenance and scrapping.

PFL is helping by assisting fleets and lessors with leases and sales; “Total Fleet Evaluation Services” Start today by downloading EASY-TRADE. Log in and take a look at available cars. We offer free access to the platform. The site is known for its broad market information for available cars and cars desired. Add your cars and test the market.

Contact PFL for all your railcar needs

PFL Railcar Buying/Leasing Opportunities

340W Pressure Cars
Qty: 100
One year term, prompt start, OFFER: $550
Short Term Pressure Cars
NE Region
Call for Rates

GP30 DOT-111
Qty: 80
Available for 24 Months. OFFER: $350
26,000 DOT-111
Qty: 15
Flexible lease terms, Aggressive pricing offered.

DOT 111 23.5 Asphalt Cars
Qty: 100
For Sale / Call for price

Next Gen DOT 117
Qty: 200
28,300 gallon C/I, OFFER $525
29K CPC-1232 compliant
Qty: 100
New or used Starting ASAP
6 – 24 month OFFER: $475 mo.

6541cu DDG Cars
Qty: 40
Available Q4/Q1, 3-5 YEAR TERM.
Looking for a BID
5250cu Covered Hoppers
Qty: 25
20in round hatches, Lined
Available on long term lease, OFFER $385

3000cu Covered Hoppers
Qty: 20
1980 built, 24” X 30” Gravity Gates
30" circular hatches Looking for a BID
3000cu Covered Hopper Cars
Qty: 200
Sand prior, 1980 built, located in PA
pictures available on request

5451 Grain Hoppers
Qty: 150
Lease or Sale / call for pricing

22,000 gallon Stainless Steel
Qty: 20
Food Grade, Rubber Lined cars available.
OFFER: $650

DOT 111’s – 23,500
Qty: 90
Location GA
Asphalt cars
Open Top Gondola Cars
Qty: 200
4400cu, 268k GRL
Would consider 3+ year lease
Prompt start. OFFER: $25,000

Brand new 2 Pocket Hoppers 3285cu
Qty: 200
116k cap, round or trough hatch available
Q4 delivery. OFFER $86,000
Wood Chip Cars
Qty: 100
For sale

340W Pressure Cars
Qty: 100
12 Month Lease starting April $350 bid
C/I 28-29k
Qty: 40
Biodiesel cars wanted, 12 months CSX/NS placement.
Bid: $300

25.5 or larger Biodiesel cars
Qty: 40
Must be Clean
Qty: 30
60,000 BID.

Coal Cars
Qty: 500
100 Ton capacity, steel preferred. To buy or lease.
400W Pressure Cars
Qty: 25
Propylene use for 9 months. Looking for an Offer to Lease.

1232 ‘s for condensate
Qty: 1000
to lease
Acid cars / any size
Qty: 50
To lease or purchase

Call PFL today for live pricing, further details and other markets.


To see the complete live list, please login to the easyTrade platform or contact your PFL representative. To request a login, please go to


PFL is pleased to announce a new version of its trading platform easyTrade. This new version features a brand new Railcar Workspace. Access to the whiteboard is FREE of charge. In the Workspace, you can view the cars available for lease/purchase and cars wanted to lease/purchase. Buyers and Sellers will meet at easyTrade, disseminating your market pricing to hundreds of companies instantaneously.
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